Getting creative writing

I’ve recruited my daughter to help me keep my creative writing skills fresh since she loves to write.  On Sunday we played a little game.

First we put some phrases in a little felted bowl.  They said things like “on top of a lightbulb”  and “it crawled out of the sludge”  or “woven into a basket”.  We then gathered our supplies – a notebook, pencil, timer – audible one  and our imaginations.

We opened our notebooks and  set the timer for 1 minute.  One of us drew a slip of paper out of the basket and read the words.  Adele started the timer and for 1 minute we wrote whatever came into our minds.  No putting the pencil down, no stopping early, no editing, just write whatever comes into your brain.  It’s amazing what comes out of the process.  You can set the timer for however much time you want.  We started with a 1 minute then did 2 at 2 minutes and then moved up to 3 minutes and wrote 3 more times.  After each writing we read what we wrote to each other.  You don’t have to read aloud but it’s much more fun if you do!  I thought it was fun to see how different we sometimes wrote and how similar.

We learned this in a poetry writing workshop we did at the public library last year.  I hope we’ll keep this up and maybe I’ll throw one out to see what some of my followers come up with as well!

Here are our 1 minute stories…   they looked so much longer on paper!

‘On top of a Light bulb’

There was a little girl on top of a light bulb eating caramels.  She was told repeatedly by her parents that was a bad idea as the caramels tended to melt onto the light bulb as it heated up.  –Meg

On top of a light bulb, that’s where the idea is, it’s hiding way up there and when the light bulb turns on the idea peeks over the edge and sees if there….. (ran out of time)    -Adele

I’d love to hear if any of you play the game and see what you come up with!

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